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Who we are

Neotech Engineering specializes in supplying of Maintenance, Repair and Operation products to manufacturing and service industries.

Neotech Engineering bridging the gaps between manufacturers and customers for delivering the best quality and most cost effective products.

We are serving Engineers and procurements to save their time and cost for sourcing the materials.

What we do

Neotech Engineering delicates to our customers most cost effective products by acquiring information from manufacturer, stockist and distributors.

We are offering the reliable quality products with on time delivery to exceed the expectation of our customers. We are working together with our customers to become more efficient and profitable through the solutions we provide.

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Products we supply

Neotech Engineering can help you manage the purchase and storage of indirect materials and all the maintenance, repair and operation supplies.

These includes consumables, industrial electrical and mechanical products and equipment such as Hydraulics, Pneumatic, Values, Sensors, Motors, Pumps, Electronics test assemblies, Bearings, Portable power tools, Measuring and Testing equipment and more.

We are providing best solution for your future


We are very alert to the technology advancement in the emerging markets, to support by delivering the quality products to our customers, so that we can continue to be trusted and chosen by the customers at all the time

Quality Tools, Equipment and Consumables from worldwide recognized manufacturers
Global brands for local customers
Unparalled Quality & On-time Delivery
Expert advise on your Equipment & Consumables requirements
We are providing local support and service for our products


Industries we are serving


Neotech serving full range of MRO products and solutions to the oil & energy sector.

Neotech Engineering is a reserved but strong and effective supplier in the oil & energy sector serving them very well without compromises in quality and on-time delivery.

With our commitment to the above services, and as a result, they have benefitted greatly from our products and services.

Oil & Energy


Neotech  providing comprehensive electrical and mechanical replacement parts to these industries, supporting their repair and maintenance projects.

Our on-time delivery and best in quality products to support their operation is highly recognizable by customer to be industrial leader for continuous success.

Marine & Offshore


We offer electro-static discharge (ESD) products, Motors, Pumps, Pneumatic cylinders and specialized maintenance products to optimize their operation in the semiconductor sectors.

We are supplying industries best quality products to conduct their operation without compromising quality.

Having this mind set, we are one of the leading supplier in this industries to benefits both suppliers and customers.




We provide electrical and electronic components include a wide range of tools, equipment and supplies used in electronic industries. These include cable and wire supplies, static control devices, conductive adhesive tapes and various hand tools like electric screwdrivers.

We are taking care the total ESD solutions of your industries by delivering quality ESD and static control products include a wide range of items designed to control electrostatic build up.

These products include anti-static packaging, grounding workstations and monitoring supplies, anti-static workwear and anti-static organizers.



Neotech Engineering is your total MRO solution provider of process valves, instrumentation, filtration, heating, controls and automation products.

We understand your industry and needs for consistent quality & performance, meeting regulations, improving time-to-market, and continued serviceability with field support.


Our technical knowledge and market expertise, matched with our value-added service capabilities, makes us the comprehensive solution provider for the Aerospace Industry.

Aerospace & Defence


Companies large and small gain a competitive edge when they have a reliable partner to help with not only industrial supplies, but also their questions about maintenance, repair and operation products and solutions.

From product selection to product delivery and installation, your changing production schedules won’t be a problem with Neotech Engineering on-time delivery and order accuracy.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Devices Industry

We can source the speciality products for your manufacturing operation and engineering projects.



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