Our Services

Understanding the applications within your specific industry and where we can improve your operating processes is a high priority at Neotech Engineering Pte Ltd.

Our strength is MRO products and solutions with an emphasis on providing documented cost savings.
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Total MRO Procurement

Neotech will consolidate all your MRO procurement to decrease the total acquisition expense, will assist you in the management of in-direct 

procurement, specification of materials, storage and consumption.


These include industrial equipment, MRO consumables, Tooling, electronic components, electrical, automation and control, test and measurement equipment, and engineering tools and consumables.

 Laboratory Equipment & Supply Sourcing

Neotech will offer value-added solutions to the laboratory in educational institution or Pharmaceutical companies, act as a preferred channel partner between the buyers and local or global manufacturers to procure the products and supplies them to the buyer, completely managing the supplies.